Passive Energy harvesting from particles.

Andrei Toma
Andrei Toma 20 Dec 2014

Passive Energy harvesting from particles


Possible drag energy = [md/u+t]*coeficient of kinetic friction squared

m=mass d=distance u=time at point 0, t=current time

Let’s begin the journey by visualizing the medium in which one particle exists. Like all objects or materials, the world of quantum is different from the visible environment. Best example where the world of quantum is more prominent is the space vacuum – we cannot see with our eyes, but we developed tools.

As you probably expect if you haven’t been to a spacewalk, space is a vacuum, frictionless – where everything exists purely on gravitational fields. However, after analyzing the world of quantum, my personal view is that space is a liquid which it’s viscosity is higher than the viscosity of our atmosphere. Like another type of water.

When a particle travels in this water at high speeds, it develops an energy around, which increases its heath. This heath, in most cases we associate it with the friction generated through motion.

Particles heath up because the friction between them creates an energy field around them which is released in heath because the particles change their state from particles to electrical charged particles and then when they go above a threshold which I could not measure it becomes a resistor which releases heath.

An example to visualize this is when a space capsule enters the earth atmosphere and increases friction with the thick air which has the mass lower than the capsule itself, making the capsule to enter the atmosphere.

For each mass of a particle accelerated to a distance it’s energy is divided by the velocity to which the particle accelerates in that dimension and the result is proportional with the viscosity of the environment squared.

Why squared? Because of the energy equivalent in 1 J = 1 kg-m^2/s^2 . For more information please read Einstein Special relativity.

Passive Energy harvesting from particles
Passive Energy harvesting from particles

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