HOMEPOD Sustainability Factor: Hybrid Value Chain & sustainable derivatives.

Andrei Toma
Andrei Toma 17 Ian 2016

HOMEPOD Sustainability Factor: Hybrid Value Chain & sustainable derivatives


The architecture, engineering and construction industry (AEC) is the facilitator of large and complex industrial plants, multi-industry international exposition centers, residential centers and other types of complex and simple building or structure. It's size is relative unknown, but estimated to be around £5.1tr in UK.

AEC software on the other side, it improves the efficiency of construction and engineering processes by providing two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional simulation models to end-users for analysis. IoT is also moving higher with billions of data points.

Our plan is to leverage this data for sustainable use. How can we get there?

The analysts forecast the Global AEC market will grow at a CAGR of 7.84 percent over the period 2013-2018.

Deloitte published recently the average transaction per square meter which indicates that we have sufficient backbones to supplement the AEC with a Sustainability Factor (SF).

Homepod is a Hybrid Value Chain (HVC) PaaS business model that leverages the capabilities of the business and citizen sectors to enable the delivery of architectural resources to populations in a more cost-effective way.

Companies tap into new markets and expand their client base. Homepod enables populations to buy sustainable rated products from a global database of distributors that provides a cost-effective way for citizens but also for micro, small and medium sized businesses.

The SF is harvested from the supplier’s product description using our architectural resourcing system www.homepod.eu

Our vision is to make Homepod an underlying instrument, from which the SF can be used as a derivative for owner's sustainable assets.

To index the price of the SF, Homepod uses an algorithm with a function that provides a real price from multiple indicators such as:

Internal indicators: materials used, product size, product price (asked), commodity price (exchange) = SF, a nominal value 0,1,2,.......10

External indicators: strike price, volatility, time until expiration, interest rates and dividends paid by component securities = SF(X) , a cash value $/£ value multiplied by $/£100

Commodities such as plastic, wood, ceramic, glass, steel, fabrics within the SF will be traded through the EURONEXT and CME. 

The citizen can trade this score in exchange markets as a sustainable derivative which brings additional income.

The HVC model is synchronized with the SF which Homepod provides and when a citizen makes a product acquisition, our model leverages the SF.

Today, the company is harvesting BIGDATA to monetise the sustainable value of products which our users collect when buying architectural resources. These points will be available for trade when the SF is released.

What happens if the Sustainability Factor crashes?

As we can see in the big financial crises of the 21st century, there is a likelihood that the price of the SF can change its monetary value, but an actual SF crash isn't likely to happen unless buildings disappear overnight without trace.

SF is the sustainability value embodied in one building or structure. This sustainable value stays with the building and some of the components in the building can be upcycled, which can also increase the SF price over time (if that component is actually sold to upcycle).

This can give room for speculators and estimators to trade on the SF price based on AEC value and growth rates over time.

If you would like to partner with us, we are looking for partners with experience in derivatives, financial markets and commodities.

HOMEPOD Sustainability Factor: Hybrid Value Chain & sustainable derivatives
HOMEPOD Sustainability Factor: Hybrid Value Chain & sustainable derivatives

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