HOMEPOD concept developed using volumetric lighting in Blender3D.

Andrei Toma
Andrei Toma 14 Dec 2018

HOMEPOD concept developed using volumetric lighting in Blender3D


In my second year at university I was introduced by my tutor to Blender3D as opposed to using 3DMax. First time when I opened Blender3D was quite complex to grasp the controls especially when dealing moving objects around, how lighting behaved and so on. On the internet there were good examples of lightning but I never understood how they did it. I thought it is some kind of Blackmagic (not Davinci).

Things have changed with the introduction of Cycles renderer where I could get much more realistic results with simple controls. Most of the time, I used Blender3D just for modelling interior design architecture and prototyping our technology for 3D printing.

Recently, I started to learn rigging to create animations. In my free time, when I have the chance I also practice some animations using Blende3D. Rendering takes a lot of time and I’ve tried to implement Azure Batch services at some time to reduce the cost. Then I’ve subcontracted from Blender3D render farms which was so expensive. As opposed to outsourcing rendering, I thought of getting a workstation in-house. Therefore, I’ve ordered the new Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000 for real-time ray-tracing. On the processor side I went for an intel 8700k. Is not the fastest but it is good for a proof-of-concept to start with on a low budget.

We have machines but we lack intelligence.

Our technology, is hard to understand by users in developing economies therefore we want to create views that they never been seen before, to engage new audiences or to impress a technology partner.

The core of my idea is to animate HOMEPOD by their character, such as ESA, SAM, OMO, OSO, WEI, CHI, FLO & LEX; and give each one a personality which we can relate too.

At this stage, we tell a story about our technology and we hope to engage everyone in this game of space where we become the creators of space in which these characters have a home.

With this in mind, I started recently to work on a teaser to promote the animation. Maybe in the future I can find an investor and other people to join the team to help create this.

Mainly, as a director I am looking for this kind of talent.

Rigging, Lighting, Materials, Modelling, Compositing, Post-Processing (BlackMagic – fusion), some scripting.

HOMEPOD concept developed using volumetric lighting in Blender3D
HOMEPOD concept developed using volumetric lighting in Blender3D

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