Facebook user manipulation hits HOMEPOD marketing budget.

Andrei Toma
Andrei Toma 06 Dec 2018

Facebook user manipulation hits HOMEPOD marketing budget


Advertising companies make huge profits based on the understanding that the return on investment is enough to make them invest again in advertising through platforms such as facebook marketing.

Until recently, we had no problem advertising and getting real users to buy our products, but in the last year or so, we have identified a pattern of fake users (such a empty profiles with no activity, no friends, no photos) like the one with this id - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100025241370987

Why we pay facebook to give us fake users?

Certainly, this is a credibility issue with this users. After this we started digging to see more information about what we pay and to trace where these users come from.

At first, we have installed trackers such as google analytics and facebook pixel and our internal analytics.

We found that what we pay, facebook modifies data and showcases how they want to.

Let’s see how we did to find such information.

We have created a new add to drive traffic to our website, and our target (as you see in the picture) is very specific, to Romania, only the big cities.

We have set a budget of €35 per day and we kept rolling for 3 days. 

Facebook data shows what we have paid for and for the locations we have directed our ads as you can see in the pictures bellow

When measuring our ROI we discover that, such users they do not exist and they spend a fraction of a second on our website before they leave.

Then we thought this is a problem and we started to look at their location though other analytics.

We have identified that the service provider for 99% of users their service provider is Microsoft Corporation.

How on earth is this possible?

We then looked at the location of the users and we see that 99% of users are from United States.

Now, we pay to get ads in Romania, not in United States and all users coming from the same location, means that this is fake traffic. All users from one ip.

Facebook is known for manipulating data.

Please be aware. Don’t pay for fake data as we did.

If you think your ads are not being delivered comment bellow. Let me know what you experience.

Facebook user manipulation hits HOMEPOD marketing budget
Facebook user manipulation hits HOMEPOD marketing budget

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