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HOMEPOD PLAY offers a wide variety of creative gifts for young and adults. Most important is our innovative 3D puzzle that combines advanced mathematics with simple geometry to solve space problems in creative ways.

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Do you like magic?

Start making fast, beautiful and modern looking toys, artefacts or sculptures using HOMEPOD®.

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My name is Play. First, let me tell you my story.

Just like you, I love to learn new skills to adapt in new mediums. Crystals, are some of the greatest products on the Universe, which we love to construct. I come from a distant planet called Pan Tanam Gam which died in the time space continuum. When it died, created the most beautiful supernova and it was made from small inter-connected crystals. These crystals travelled through time and space and today you can buy them.

How crystals were made?

A long time ago, there was a time of great emperors, which were masters of Angle, Lenght and Time.
Respectively, Anglelicious, Lengthlicious and Timelicious joined their magical forces and created the Kingdom of Play (KOP). Before the supernova it was the largest in the universe and survived for 7 billions years.


To reconstruct the Kingdom of Play, use:


To determine joints and fixtures.


To understand dimensions.


To improve your building skills.

When you're ready, add to your shopping basket the crystals you want and enrich your imagination in the Kingdom of Play!

HOMEPOD planet head

Featured products

Sustainability and Play

HOMEPOD - Magnetic Crystals are made from 3D printed biodegradable plastic and with added magnets they create the most beautiful and playful magnetic crystals you ever experienced.

With these crystals you can experience one of a kind puzzle. Attaching each crystal to each other you can be artistic or technical. It can be played alone or with other players. To compete you have to #makeitfast.

The plastic is biodegradable and non-toxic and can be easily recycled, or just buried into the the ground.

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