HOMEPOD VERDI - Wins 2nd place in European competition.

Andrei Toma
Andrei Toma 28 Feb 2017

HOMEPOD VERDI - Wins 2nd place in European competition


Energy efficiency is something new for me, I was introduced in the summer of 2016 through courses sponsored by the European Commission program Nezer where I've learned the best practices in energy efficiency, and later I started researching VERDI, which I presented in Timisoara and which has been criticized and rejected by technical community (because they did not understand).

I decided not give up and went to seek help from European experts, citing corruption as grounds in Romania and later I was invited to the Global Energy Efficiency Conference in Linz Austria.

Soon I've learned that VERDI was qualified for the final of InnoAPPS 2016, supported by the European Young Inovators Forum, where we presented VERDI to jury members who were part of the European Commission, European Business Incubators and the director of Huawei Europe.

What is VERDI? A research for energy efficiency. This research is based mostly on primary energy efficient components that are used in combination with other components to increase energy efficiency in envelopes developing an intelligent system thermal resistance to change by adapting to changes in weather patterns, endothermic membrane using a device connected to increase energy efficiency.

To my astonishment and colleagues VERDI was promoted to No. 2, and the feedback received from the jury was this "was very close to No. 1", but were even disputes between jury that to be No. 1, but 1st team has been chosen by the jury becahse it was slightly more advanced in terms of the maturity of the business.

I want to thank everyone who supported me in this way, especially Mentors and publicly applauded and congratulated us after that.

HOMEPOD VERDI - Wins 2nd place in European competition
HOMEPOD VERDI - Wins 2nd place in European competition

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