HOMEPOD VERDI - A simple thermosystem for energy efficiency.

Andrei Toma
Andrei Toma 23 Nov 2016

HOMEPOD VERDI - A simple thermosystem for energy efficiency


HOMEPOD - VERDI is a modular system for development of energy efficiency envelopes in buildings with inset balconies and roof terrace to reduce energy consumption for heating to 11 kWh/m2. This is ready made system that anyone can use to reduce energy bills in their home.

This research looks at an earlier research by Andrei Toma where a thermal envelope has been transformed into a pre-fabricated envelope that it is easy to manage, install or maintain during a building lifecycle.

This research draws upon mostly primary energy efficient components that are used to increase energy efficiency in buildings which have inset balconies, straight facades or roof terraces. These building are mainly developed in cities and part-owned by the council or residents.

The OSEEE focus is on continental climate and to provide building developers a tool to simplify the access to reduce heating at 11.5 kWh/m2 at a cost between 330 to 970 euro per square meter.

Upon examination of these scenarios it became clear that standard solution is needed to gain greater access in NEET or even on low-budget income families to develop with higher efficiency.

Through showing that OSEEE increases energy conservation from envelope, but also it produces around 70% of the energy needed to installation, central heating, biomass and solar PV and thermic panels, it makes this system, easy to use, easy to scale and easy to maintain solution and this research highlights the importance of such system in shaping the revolution of energy efficient actions through Europe.

This will allow state actors and individuals to connect with building components manufacturers and distributors to reduce the waste, to promote better construction management and to reduce the energy demand by two thirds.

HOMEPOD VERDI - A simple thermosystem for energy efficiency
HOMEPOD VERDI - A simple thermosystem for energy efficiency

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