My green tower HOMEPOD: Energy consumption equals zero.

Andrei Toma
Andrei Toma 23 Jul 2016

My green tower HOMEPOD: Energy consumption equals zero


Lately there is much talk of energy performance and with John Hossu and Irene Baran and I, started a project of this fantastic scale locally and nationally. We want to transform Iasi in the most efficient city by 2021, starting with tower blocks membranes of four levels and ending with modular homes, pre-fabricated.

The story started like this ......

Entrance has dahlias with piezoelectric energy absorbing system steps. This energy is introduced into a battery for domestic consumption.

It has a basement where mushrooms are being planted that are grown and then converted into biogas which is distributed in the gas network for being used by owners and the real estate.

Easily going downstairs where we meet the strong light which is reflected from the white walls photoluminiscence, in order to reduce the need for lighting even close to midnight.

Going on the stairs up, we pass by a radiator that emits more heat at fixed interval. It is connected to light sensors on the stairwell lights in motion sensors, but now, not only illuminates but also deliver heat three seconds longer than lighting. Sharing temperature is quick, short-range unobservable. You say it was hot from before to come. Going upstairs, body temperature rises by 3 ° C and thus gives an optimum temperature.

I'm at the top floor and I get into the attic. Here we see the pipes coming out of the roof structure. They convert solar energy into thermal energy, which is then converted into electricity.

Went downstairs and all steps are pressed down, which generate electricity for internal lumination. Outside the building we see a modern glass-fronted photovoltaic east facade and to the west we see a wall dark brown hidden in insulation of 120mm with 30mm space to the old facade.

There are no balconies. It is a front right, like an office block modern leaving four downspouts that flow into freefall when it rains; water passes through an electric generator, which drains into a reservoire in the basement to cultivate mushrooms and also for utilities as domestic water.

Going back to the tower entrace, we see the door with an electric generator attached to the door, which later we learn that it is implemented at every door of the apartment.

We enter the apartment where we see a new electric counter, interior doors with their generators. Each glass windows with special glass is TERMOTECH, which shrinks and expands depending on temperature, adapting to insulating winter or summer. Also outside the apartment walls were lined inside with 30 mm of Styrofoam. Each balcony is closed. Each light bulb is LED, and is controlled from your phone, depending on where you go, comes with you. Where you go, lights your way ...

The rooms are lit by white paint Photoluminescent, and I fall asleep, watching television, with energy produced when I walked the stairs, stairs when I opened the door and when I flushed the toilet ......

And kinetic energy performance that can be observed is ECO = [m * d / (u + t)] ^ 2 * cf

So who wants an apartment made of crystals modular lattice (crystallum reticulatum) and which is passive in terms of energy consumption?

My green tower HOMEPOD: Energy consumption equals zero
My green tower HOMEPOD: Energy consumption equals zero

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