HOMEPOD Learning social initiatives: Local entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Andrei Toma
Andrei Toma 08 Jan 2018

HOMEPOD Learning social initiatives: Local entrepreneurship ecosystem


Making a global impact to see impact in climate change, isn’t easy, especially when we are dealing with economies of scale which are not so tolerant to inclusion and where cost is the most important factor, some of the local producers, feel that are left out.

In some cases, this is also true, but the common problem is quality and productivity of local producers and the accessibility they have to the global market.

As plain as it looks, in some cases some sustainable or energy efficient producers are heavily subsidized by the state as in the case of solar technology and most notably the fusion technology.

As these are looking to increase energy efficiency in development of products and services to benefit greater mases of people and to develop economies of scale to reduce cost, they also posses a climate risk in terms of their impact and some products such curtains or blinds benefit local producers.

The global market for low carbon environmental goods and services is estimated at €4.2 trillion and EU companies' market share is 21%. Europeans believe in sustainability and 26% of EU citizens often buy environmentally friendly products, 54% of them sometimes do.


The transaction volume in Europe is around €170bn and the average transaction is around €1100 per square meter. if we combine all regions the transaction volume is around €1.5tr and expected to grow with 5%y/y. In US par example from in Q3 2015, the housing sales grew with 20%.

In Eastern Europe the average online transaction for home building accessories is €50. At maturity, we expect at least €1.3bn valuation in EU market and aiming at €130bn in global market.

This brings a lot of opportunity for the local ecosystem of entrepreneurs to connect to local producers of architectural products and to sign up companies to the HOMEPOD.EU platform.

At HOMEPOD.EU we look to support through social initiatives and we allocate a 70% margin to entrepreneurs to develop the local ecosystem. We calculate the margin from the difference from wholesale and retail as when they discover a product and bring it into the platform.

At maturity we hope to be able to add value to the whole ecosystem by connecting all ends of the supply chain and to leverage this connection to mitigate climate change.

If you support our mission we invite you to join our platform that helps to mitigate climate change with the construction industry.

HOMEPOD Learning social initiatives: Local entrepreneurship ecosystem
HOMEPOD Learning social initiatives: Local entrepreneurship ecosystem

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