HOMEPOD wins WITSA world emerging digital solution.

Andrei Toma
Andrei Toma 13 Sep 2017

HOMEPOD wins WITSA world emerging digital solution


HOMEPOD has been selected as a winner of the 2017 WITSA Emerging Digital Solution Award

HOMEPOD - Digital architectural sourcing for home building in industry 4.0

HOMEPOD is a digital architectural sourcing system which self-assembles to help to reduce waste, delay and overspending in architecture. We are an SME with an early stage, high risk innovative strategy.

Our target is enable populations to discover, plan and acquire products and technologies using less material, consuming less energy and ultimately protecting the environment. New and old clients can be stakeholders by acquiring and later selling products and technologies to reduce waste by up-cycling used resources without relying heavily on platforms such as search engines, catalogues, books, trade shows or word-of-mouth to be found.

This is a completely new business model that could be implemented on any scale on location, however the true potential of the technology in changing this market can only be reached on full European level. A solid business plan based on a thorough feasibility study is crucial for our business to succeed. We need to identify and understand any bottlenecks that could impact the uptake of this concept and the growth of our company, so it can be mitigated during the development and prototyping stages.

Phase I support will provide us the means to prepare this, while subsequent Phase II funding will allow us to accelerate entry into the European digital single market and demonstrate the technology, as well as speed up the patenting of our technology for self-assembled properties. It is this technology that is at the core of our innovative product and that will generate the disruptive effect on the market.

It will provide users with one click design solution to build homes and offer more information on the energy performance and sustainability of their design in a format that doesn’t yet exist, but that has the potential of shifting purchase patterns and open the market up to new suppliers offering sustainable and energy efficient products in ways that decisions become informed, rewarding and engaging the promotion of responsible use of resources in smart cities and beyond. This responds to a growing market need in the world.

Photo credit Irina Filipoaia

HOMEPOD wins WITSA world emerging digital solution
HOMEPOD wins WITSA world emerging digital solution

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