HOMEPOD Street Markets: Hybrid value in product's sustainability.

Andrei Toma
Andrei Toma 21 Mar 2016

HOMEPOD Street Markets: Hybrid value in product's sustainability


To our knowledge no markets exist that are connected to an online platform.

While some traders have payment terminals, these markets mostly deal with cash transactions, and traders often provide their produce on a “what you see is what you get” basis, i.e. without any further information. Their sales are also limited to clients who come and look at their stand, and they can attract them by shouting at best.

What if we enhance the shopping experience for buyers? Thus to enable buyers to have a better overview of what a market has to offer, and chose based not only on price and quality, but also based on the sustainability of products they purchase.

Sustainable purchases will be rewarded by Sustainability Points (SP), calculated from the recyclability of products, and could be traded in the future.

We can unlock functionalities to the user based on the number of SP they earned and transactions made, and traders can chose to provide discounts based on this.

simplifying and streamline the process of market management: our application will collect user data (confidentially),

allowing the market management to analyse patterns and adapt the market to reflect buyers’ needs.

Moreover, as markets are often crowded and cash-heavy, they are vulnerable for pick-pockets. The automation of payments resolves this issue. It is based on our innovative algorithm that can determine the sustainability factor of products.

It will bring electronic payments to markets, by allowing users to pay with their mobile at market stall that appear in the app, along with their merchandise. While making purchases, users will earn Sustainability Points based on sustainability value associated with the product, giving them insight in their buying patterns.

HOMEPOD Street Markets: Hybrid value in product's sustainability
HOMEPOD Street Markets: Hybrid value in product's sustainability

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