HOMEPOD Self-flocking, high speed drone (concept).

Andrei Toma
Andrei Toma 17 Aug 2016

HOMEPOD Self-flocking, high speed drone (concept)


While Facebook and Amazon are doing some kids reasearch drones, we are focusing on more high tech.

A drone. Started as a research project in the last year at university. 

The research was interrogating the use of pressure and the effects of electro-magnetic waves (EM) when the pressure releases. Later came to be named FLOCK by a friend of ours from Yeldify, when it was seen while we were modelling it.

Prior to this, we spent almost 36 months analysing how we can transfer the energy from EM into an object which is light to catch speed, robust to take high speed turns and energy efficient to fly for long periods.

We had the means, but we didn’t know how to fly it. So we looked through the bird kingdom and we found that White Throated Needletail had the most uncommon shape for a bird, and for a good reason can fly up to 170kmh. That’s what we needed to start with.

An electric motor, a set of blades, aerodynamic shape, a battery, controller we’re all set.

Next step was to program the software using the data from sensors to organise themselves. For this we had to research into artificial life and boids to see whether we can mimic airplanes shape, or to create canopies to make shaddow. Possibilities are limitless. Enjoy.

HOMEPOD Self-flocking, high speed drone (concept)
HOMEPOD Self-flocking, high speed drone (concept)

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