HOMEPOD Cultural habitat: From meta-modernism to hybrid-modernism.

Andrei Toma
Andrei Toma 21 Jul 2016

HOMEPOD Cultural habitat: From meta-modernism to hybrid-modernism


A psychological metamorphosis that hacked, transcended and disrupted the state of post-modernism theory, meta-modernism is building the catalyst to bring closer to change the philosophy of aesthetics and culture in habitat.

Often confused with the American term metamodernism which appeared as early as 1975, where Zavarzadeh used it to describe a cluster of aesthetics or attitudes which had been emerging in american literature since the mid-1950s it didn't had enough grounds to provide a differentiator in the shift from post-modernism to metamodernism. It was used as a tool because it grasped the sound of the future. But let's face the look of real aesthetics within this paradigm.

As we transition from paper to digital, including the bureaucratic and administrative tasks, we advance into hybrid-modernism. 

We are not far from reading real-time information based on what we think, thus, changing the content in real time to match our expectations. Being positive is one way, but being pragmatic is another thing. What if all this information can be changed to curve the blinds of reality into a hybrid-modernity that transcends into parallel dimensions?

Such a dimension can benefit oneself if all the dimensions are inter-connected. If they fail the connection the each self spreads like the universe; oneself being too far to reach, nor that can be seen.

HOMEPOD Cultural habitat: From meta-modernism to hybrid-modernism
HOMEPOD Cultural habitat: From meta-modernism to hybrid-modernism

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