Focus Group: lessons we have learned and applied.

Andrei Toma
Andrei Toma 18 Apr 2018

Focus Group: lessons we have learned and applied


When we design, we look to ease the pain which one customer has. If you are telling someone that building a property is simple, or to find the right fittings for your home to increase your comfort is also simple, we suggest to think again.

Designing a building is like designing a rocket and the fuel of that rocket is you. If you burn too much, you get tired and this is what happens with homes today. We get tired of fixing, adjusting just to fit our budget.

What we aren't told when we buy it, is the maintenance costs and our research shows that almost 43% of all designs cost more to run compared to what is being advertised.

This is a huge problem which we face as property buyers and mitigating the risk involves high costs. Recently, we have conducted a focus group on an average home buyer to understand what pains they have using our technology.

This will help us to improve our technology to deliver faster, more efficient results. In terms of usability, users had the search widget with order, basket, sustainability analysis, energy embodiment and carbon emission analysis and payments services via stripe.


• Ease to use

• Quick to checkout

• Informed sustainability decisions

To be improved:

· Time to sign up

· Time for search results

· More products on the platform

Focus Group: lessons we have learned and applied
Focus Group: lessons we have learned and applied

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