EcoBuild 2018 London: Meeting with producers and distribuitors.

Andrei Toma
Andrei Toma 13 Feb 2018

EcoBuild 2018 London: Meeting with producers and distribuitors


Building sustainable requires advanced knowledge of materials, but also knowledge in sustainability and how to measure the lifecycle costs of products. Now, as the world progresses, new products are being developed and with so many options its getting increasingly difficult to make informed decisions in real time about these products. Because of this, builders most often are delayed and with high delays comes higher costs.

For DIY builder is even more difficult because, most often we don’t have the resources and the history of a company specializing in property development and we seek information from the world wide web. As this is time consuming and with new products being launched even quicker, the difference between an experienced builder and DIY builder to keep up with trends is almost the same. Our research shows that 90% of all designs are over budget.

Clearly, we plan in the future, but we build in the past. Because of this delay, we pay a lot more than usual.

There has to be a better way!

Eureka! That’s why we have built our platform around events such as Eco Build to help producers of environmentally friendly design but also designers and DIY designers to mitigate risk and reduce cost.

We believe construction and engineering has not suffered a radical change neither an industrial revolution and we think HOMEPOD is the first industrial revolution in the environmentally friendly built environment.

If you believe in our mission please sign up to HOMEPOD.

EcoBuild 2018 London: Meeting with producers and distribuitors
EcoBuild 2018 London: Meeting with producers and distribuitors

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