DIGI24 Iasi -HOMEPO: The future of buildings interview.

Andrei Toma
Andrei Toma 26 Jul 2018

DIGI24 Iasi -HOMEPO: The future of buildings interview

I was invited to attend an interview about the future of buildings and how construction industry can move more sustainable.  Homepod as a technology analyses in real time product information by the amount of plastics, ceramics or other materials that they have and it displays them on a label, like the calories for food. This way, we find it easier to understand where products can go.

But our technology goes even further. A robotic process automation software analyses how a building can be made with local products and automates deliveries. Once deliveries are made, it automates robotic arms to unpack and pack where components need to be, like a car is being manufactured, and at the end of the line, we get an energy efficient tiny home.

This technology is amazing and we plan to launch it ASAP.

The future of buildings in Romania is great topic, because, architects here developed a strong knowledge about churches and while a church can be developed by many, talented architects flee to other countries where they feel their talent is respected.

DIGI24 Iasi -HOMEPO: The future of buildings interview
DIGI24 Iasi -HOMEPO: The future of buildings interview

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