HOMEPOD - Crystallum reticulatum wins Silver at Euroinvent.

Andrei Toma
Andrei Toma 18 May 2016

HOMEPOD - Crystallum reticulatum wins Silver at Euroinvent


After a long period where I did ping-pong plane, from London, to Paris, Paris to Warsaw, Warsaw to Iasi, Iasi to London .. OMG ...London is where I won the eyes of investors, who have invested directly, at least to show inventions in London have tightly over £ 850,000 threshold but we have prepared over 1,000,000 pounds and won another company. Besides, it remained in the top 100 most innovative products of 2015.

For the company, it is an honor, a Romanian firm, one of the first set to win this title, entering into direct competition with giants Rolls Royce, Airbus, BAE Systems and many others. It was also a privilege to meet with innovators, entrepreneurs and public figures from all over the world. The asemnea want to thank those who have supported investment in the event.

Not much time has passed, however, and we were invited to Iasi, the city where I was born, to show the world that we won. EUROINVENT, a light show, no entry fee, where only a few chose to walk, not talk directly to the backing of research a key element of development of any country....

A direct competition with innovators from over 40 countries with products from gas stations, energy production equipment free of genetically modified fish, medical apparatus and not least, construction materials.

In this category, our main competitors were the University of Cluj, University of Bucharest and to our amazement, Instititul atomic physics in Magurele. Big names, we just set up in Iasi. It was again a privilege also was interesting to meet with our main competitors and to find out what they do.

We hope we've surprised them, and I want to thank the referees that voted Crystallum Reticulatum for 2nd place and silver medal.

We also received a distinction of Innovation and Creativity from the Lyceum 'Universe' in Moldova.

HOMEPOD - Crystallum reticulatum wins Silver at Euroinvent
HOMEPOD - Crystallum reticulatum wins Silver at Euroinvent

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