Can HOMEPOD create climate conscious immersed environments?.

Andrei Toma
Andrei Toma 22 Nov 2018

Can HOMEPOD create climate conscious immersed environments?


Climate conscious is the next wave in software design.

In order to articulate buildings to become immersed, the code and the natural environment should impose potential in building continuity, but at the same time offering the link between natural form and the coded form; in which architecture occupies the natural environment.

But as displaced as we like to be, moving something to create shelters isn't something we cannot do.

At HOMEPOD I've accentuated the image of the dense natural ecosystem into becoming the connection with the built form to help our consciousness decide what to trust.

Of course, our visual field is solely limited by our body sensors which we trust to provide accurate information.

But let's look at how architecture is developing in a climate conscious environment.

Built Environment

Contemporary, architects in the built environment have deployed the same necessity for good climate conditions, and they developed green towers, which, are ranked by their sustainability in terms of their BREAM or LEEDS certificates. 

In the necessity to cross-operate and cross-programmed spaces which interact with the natural environment and which provides the linkage for us, the consumer, we need to aspire to more efficient energy consumption.

The necessity in dealing with specific climatic conditions, would imply also new forms of innovation. If we were to look into what sensorial experience requirements we need such sight, touch, hearing, taste, smell. These articulate the connection between habitat and environment.

An absolute tendency to Immersed environments

The plasticity of the landscape between natural form and virtual reality would transfer the formal fluidity of the natural environment into patterns, where the distribution of the natural environment would create the articulation with biodiversity; species which share the same should provide essential fertile places for interbreeding. But what specie is more into it? Of course. we humans.

Cyborg child

But before we go into creating fertile places, I believe humans will evolve a lot more. First we need to understand better how our cyborg version. If the version is fit, would create cyborg child which will experience the world half 


The implementation of new systems throughout the built environment should enable the link to become the immersed environment of a living ecology where the impact on energy consumption is reduced.

A good example si our bodies. How efficient they are at conserving, storing and using energy.

New immersed environments should articulate the competition between the natural ecologies, nor neglecting and oppressing the interbreeding of the built form with the virtual form. Immersed environments should help to create and conserve as much energy, as well as integrating the natural ecosystems, assimilating the strategy for saving energy by implementing passive systems, which will enable the immersed environment to become the link with the natural environment, where the consumer experiences the nature's detail into VR form.

What do you think? Let me know bellow. 

Can HOMEPOD create climate conscious immersed environments?
Can HOMEPOD create climate conscious immersed environments?

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