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HOMEPOD Sustainability Factor: Hybrid Value Chain & sustainable derivatives
17 Jan 2016

The architecture, engineering and construction industry (AEC) is the facilitator of large and complex industrial plants, multi-industry international exposition centers, residential centers and ....

Residual waste: A pathway to commercialize the Air Artifice
14 Jan 2016

Have you ever considered to commercialize the air artifice? Well, it isn't the air we breathe, but the air which we artificially generate and leave behind us as a waste.What if you could ....

Ballistic structure used to build organic homes which grow
15 Dec 2015

HOMEPOD is pioneering this technology which is based in London and expects to sell this product to high end users such as cocky homeowners or high-end home buyers. High advantage is a sim....

London Based Startup Takes HOMEPOD to UK's Largest Innovation Event
15 Nov 2015

Research in material science for invisible armour helps London based company to discover easy to use frame building technology for property developers to mitigate operational risk and reduce cos....

Passive Energy harvesting from particles
20 Dec 2014

Possible drag energy = [md/u+t]*coeficient of kinetic friction squaredm=mass d=distance u=time at point 0, t=current timeLet’s begin the journey by visualizing the medium in which ....

Space structure puts science to test
11 Aug 2014

We define infinite through things we don't understand to absolute measurements. This greed keeps us prisoners within.Interior as space, whether inhabits planetary choreography created by ....

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