About me

Hello and Welcome to my company website. My name is Andrei and I am the founder of HOMEPOD®. Bellow I will tell you a story how I started this company. I hope you will enjoy!.

My idea saved my job

I was in my last year at university when I was working as a junior designer. I was really struggling to organise my work and I wanted a dashboard to drag and drop everything to save time..

I didn't know how to code, I've studied art. I had no extra money to hire developers so I've started to research building structures. First time when I've presented my idea to an investor panel, they invited me to the biggest UK innovation show. How cool is that?


In 2011 I had an idea to make a software which can help me save my job but I have failed because I didn't know how to write a computer program that complex. Instead, I've discovered a building structure and I was fortunate enough with the help of DIT from UK to showcase at the largest UK Innovation Event, 4 years later.

With the feedback received, my idea just grew in size and it became a symbol for me. I wanted to make it possible; I wanted to show how it can save cost, and I've failed again in 2017

With this many attempts to succeed, I have set up again, orders started to come, I've hired people, I've sold 11% of the business and guess what. I've failed again. One associate compromised the business

I still believe this is possible even if I have to start again in 2019. I hope this time to be smoother.

Company Expertise

  • Ubuntu
  • Python
  • Nginx
  • HTML
  • CSS/JS
  • Django
  • Azure
  • DNS/Load Balancers
  • Docker/Heroku

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  • 1st Place in CleanTech
  • World Emerging Technology
  • TOP 500 deeptech startups
  • TOP 100 most innovative tech in UK

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Wise words

We plan buildings in the future and we execute them in the past. Because of this lag, 1/3 of European Waste comes from construction and demolition.

Climate change moves land where buildings are fixed. Our next generation of buildings will have to be more flexible to accommodate this change.

CEO of HOMEPOD Andrei Toma

We are an award winning team

Over the years our team has grown and shrunk. Today - as a founder, let me introduce to the people which contribute to HOMEPOD.

Andrei Toma


Rick Hartwig


Janet Butler


Radu Poiana


Personal Data processor

IMAKE LTD, a company registered in England & Wales, with no. 1184770 , at Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NZ

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