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HOMEPOD® is a product which helps self-builders to evaluate, design and build, sustainable homes.

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It's time for to self-build homes!

Building design requires craftsmanship & advanced knowledge of materials. To lower CO2 emission or to increase energy efficiency, builders are in need of better tools to match their goals.

Firstly. Analysis of products.

Our tool simplifies the way we identify and evaluate products by their materials; and generates a simple label to understand what goes where and when, making it easier to recycle or up-cycle buildings.

Secondly. Smart home mobility

The platform which we are building allows smart homes to transform, travel, reduce carbon, consume less energy and above all, to be self-sufficient in space.


Colour has an ability to influence our mood and our dealings with others. Identifying products by using their colour as a primary filter.


Sustainability is a key measure which helps to mitigate climate change. Local products by local people to drive more sustainable choices.


Knowing what goes where and when saves valuable time. Easy to identify in complex project workloads to help mitigate the operational risk.

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Project Management

Modular and scalable operations from procurement, on-site and off-site components. Removing bottlenecks helps to mitigate risk.

Vector Autoregression

BIG data is complex and most often mistakes happen. In depth analysis of products and their supply chain opens new patterns to mitigate risk.

Autonomous buildings

The brain of the building learns to automate the buildings in mobility and space efficiency. Great for smart cities and outer space colonies.

Thirdly. Get to know it better

Buildings have the ability to change our moods. Design often comes from a variety of sources and most often, mistakes happen. Designing for comfort, or for entertainment, or for workplace requires advanced knowledge of finishes. At HOMEPOD we provide the most advanced technology to build better buildings.

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Design Manager


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  • As a design manager you can manage projects and make use of autonomous scheduling
  • Project Management
  • Autonomous scheduling

Property Developer


per month
  • A predictive e-procurement software to mitigate risk in architecture and construction
  • Autonomous Building
  • Recycling/Up-cycling

Our roadmap.

Everything you buy from us today, helps you in the future to save cost and live healthier.

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Produce a toy to experience solutions


Create a life cycle cost analysis algorithm


E-commerce integrated with Econometrics tool


Dashboard for project management (PM)


RPA for autonomous Building (predictive procurement + scheduling)


Prototype a Home for augmented and virtual experiences


Launch an autonomous home to orbit the earth (smart home mobility)


Try for FREE the predictive e-procurement software and increase your building efficiency

Our commitment to power sustainability through social responsibility.

Building a sustainable culture is hard work. To develop trust with local producers we support local entrepreneurs to build this for us. In exchange we offer 70% of the margin from the retail price and the wholesale price. This is a 70% commission which one entrepreneur earns when their product is being acquired through the HOMEPOD platform.

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Helpful answers

Start building fast, beautiful and modern looking properties in no time.

HOMEPOD® uses a machine learning algorithm to measure architectural products by their composition using a life-cycle cost analysis (LCA) database to associate estimated carbon emissions.

This information is then processed by a graphic processor and it is being displayed in simplified form as we see calories labels for food, but for architectural products.

If you like to decorate your home and you are a person which supports the sustainability movement, usually you are going to find it difficult to know which products are sustainable and which products are not.

With HOMEPOD® label for architectural products you can distinguish, collect and reduce your carbon footprint by knowing what materials you are using and where to recycle them.

Purchasing goods are subject to an agreement between the store and HOMEPOD® platform. If the products aren't already present and you wish to invite them, we are offering options to you if the store agrees to join HOMEPOD® platform. The price is calculated as a percentage from the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price.

  1. If you are a person, you can earn cash in your account to spend on your favourite items
  2. If you are a business, you can earn commission payable into your account
  1. Credit or Debit Card
  2. Bank TransferBank Transfer
  3. Cash on delivery

If you request a business invoice, when you order a product, you have to fill the information form, or if you already ordered the product make a note with your company details for invoice. If you cannot leave a note, get in contact with one of our representatives, prepare the order number and someone will help you.

{% trans "If you are not fully satisfied with the product you have 14 (fourteen) days to send it back for a refund, since the product has been delivered to you.

We do not refund used items and we do not cover the cost for courier service in case of a refund." context "Home answears" %}

- Our mission -

Our mission is to create buildings which build, maintain and recycle autonomously. This will help people to live healthy and to reduce their carbon footprint, so they can colonise other planets with greater efficiency.

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